Resistance Band - Yellow - Light

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Resistance Bands for Exercises, Pilates, Crossfit Workout, Yoga, and Jump Stretch.

Enhance Your Workout Experience Now!

- Like to workout, but don't want to deal with the weights or Gym?
- Are you concerned that lifting weights might injure muscles?
- Dislike Resistance Bands covered in powder?

ViggoPro Resistance Bands are the Solution!

‰ۢ Use the light weight band for muscle rejuvenation, Pilates and warm-up stretches.

Pounds of Resistance, at 200% Stretch

• Yellow Band - 3 lbs
• Blue Band - 4.5 lbs
• Black Band - 6.5 lbs

But if you're building strength and want to add more to your workout, you can incorporate bands with your weight lifting.

Buyers Trust the ViggoPro Resistance Bands. And the Lifetime Warranty assures you are covered no matter what happens to the bands!

These bands are 5 ft long, 5.5 inches wide. 

Not being covered in powder like other bands, you can take these out of the bag and put them right to use! And Starter techniques are provided.

The ViggoPro logo indicates authenticity of High Quality bands.

Act now, as we cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing forever.