Muscle Roller Stick with Massage Ball

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Muscle Roller Stick for Muscle Pain - with FREE Massage Ball! Best Trigger Point and Self Massage Therapy Tool!

- Looking for a great, affordable way to massage tired muscles?
- Tired of squeaky muscle rollers?
- Want a muscle roller that is not too soft or too hard?

Introducing Your Very Own ViggoPro Muscle Roller!

- Professional Quality 18 Inch Muscle Roller Stick.
- Easy, super efficient way to relieve tired muscles and decrease recovery time.
- Roll out sore/stiff muscles before and after workouts to increase mobility and flexibility.
- Use on all major muscle groups in both arms and legs to increase blood flow throughout the body.
- Our proprietary non-squeak Muscle Roller is here. No more noisy rollers!
- For a limited time, get a FREE Massage Ball with every Muscle Roller!
- Includes FREE ViggoPro E-Book with techniques and tips.

Thousands of buyers trust the ViggoPro brand and as always, the ViggoPro Muscle Roller comes with a Lifetime Warranty. If yours breaks, we will ship you another one free. Guaranteed.

Act now, as we cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing forever. Buy your ViggoPro Muscle Roller today - and get a Massage Ball FREE!

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