Combo Pack - Massage Roller Stick, Relief Ball, 3 Resistance Bands & 1 Loop Band

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Muscle Roller Stick for Muscle Pain - with FREE Massage Ball! Best Trigger Point and Self Massage Therapy Tool!

- Professional Quality 18 Inch Muscle Roller Stick.
- Easy, super efficient way to relieve tired muscles and decrease recovery time.
- Roll out sore/stiff muscles before and after workouts to increase mobility and flexibility.
- Use on all major muscle groups in both arms and legs to increase blood flow throughout the body.
- Proprietary non-squeak Muscle Roller. No more noisy rollers!
- For a limited time, get a FREE Massage Ball with every Muscle Roller!
- Includes FREE ViggoPro E-Book with techniques and tips.

Resistance Bands for Exercises, Pilates, Crossfit Workout, Yoga, and Jump Stretch.

Enhance Your Workout Experience Now!

‰ۢ Use the light weight band for muscle rejuvenation, Pilates and warm-up stretches.
‰ۢ The medium band is perfect for daily exercises and building full body strength.
‰ۢ The tough band is ideal for building muscle rapidly!

Pounds of Resistance, at 200% Stretch
• Yellow Band - 3 lbs
• Blue Band - 4.5 lbs
• Black Band - 6.5 lbs
• Blue Loop Band - 4.5 lbs

But if you're building strength and want to add more to your workout, you can incorporate bands with your weight lifting.

These bands are 5 ft long, 5.5 inches wide.

Thousands of Amazon buyers trust the ViggoPro brand and as always, the ViggoPro Muscle Roller & Bands comes with a Lifetime Warranty. If yours breaks, we will ship you another one free. Guaranteed.

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